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Tesla (the dream car)

As a kid i used to play SCALECTRIC (electric race-tracks) with my cousins, I remember those fiery races with the noisy Grand Chaparral electric car types, I remember dreaming about the chance to drive an imaginary electric car and I also remember my cousins mocking me for dreaming that, but time has passed technology evolved and what was a dream yesterday t is a reality today. Finally we have the electric car running in our streets everyday so I decided to go to a Tesla Car dealership to take some pics and to play a little with the car and fantasize a little bit more…

Tesla store front

I have to say that the interior of the car seems and feel pretty solid, doors and windows, chairs panels and everything else looks really really good

Touch screen display

The central touch screen display is big and noticeable it’s the most important control and navigation tool, without this control it will be immpossible to drive this car , it provides the driver a lot of vital information about batteries charge, A/C, the autopilot system and many other things.

Here more pics.

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