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Downtown Dadeland

It’s Sunday again and Sunday again means picture hunting again, so Nick were you want to go to get good shots?…(Nick): let’ see, let me think …. mmm… ok I got it! I have a friend who told me that right in front of Dade-land Mall is a brand new place with modern buildings, restaurants and and cool streets, so we can go there and start shooting. (Me): Ok let’s go!!

SW 72 Place is the main street in Dowtown Dadeland

When you access Downtown Dadeland trough the SW 72 Place you’ll see the the cool LAVA-LAMP style light posts that change color constantly, this gives the main street a hipster touch and different urban-style decoration.

Lava-lamp style lights

If you keep walking you”ll reach a roundabout with a light colored fountain and a sculpture right in the middle, this structure makes the place interesting and the center of this area is simply beautiful and calm, full of stores and restos.

Another view of the sculpture

One of the most attractive stores is a Barber Shop which is decorated in an amazing and comfortably way that you will wish to spend some time there drinking something instead of having a haircut or a beard trim, believe me when a say this place is BEAUTIFUL!

Remember, if you have the chance to pass by Downtown Dadeland don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this amazing place !!!

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