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Indian Hammocks Park

Well is Sunday and we are are looking for a green place to go so we choose the good old Indian Hammocks Park…

After spending the morning with the family we decided to go and take some outdoor pictures, the main question was where to go, until the place pop-up in our minds simultaneously Niko and I yelled the same name at the same time…INDIAN HAMMOCKS PARK !! so after getting ready and preparing our stuff we hit the street and walked to the park.

Main road

As soon as you start walking into the park you will notice the many variety of colorful trees

We just walked and walked and reach this area named “THE FOREST”

I have to tell you that while the nature in this park is beautiful in the other hand the facilities are in a really bad condition for example the public restrooms or the pavillions that you can rent for birthday partys, also a lot of green areas are in bad shape or the two playgrounds for kids looked abandoned.

In the middle of the park is a you’ll find a SKATE PARK wich you can go and ride your skateboard, rollerblades, bike or simply observe those who knows how to ride those toys and have fun while watching

Thank you for join us in our visit to the park!

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