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The Bookstore

B&N @ Kendall Dr is one of the most beautiful bookstores in America.

I have to say that bookstores are the type of places that makes me happy, this place is not the exemption let’s explore this fantastic store together…

First thing first, when you come to this commercial plaza you’ll find no problem to park, the place is full of parking spots available and close to the main entrance to B&N and Michaels store.

Once you parked you’ll notice the store right in front of you very well illuminated and beautifully designed but lets take a look inside…

When you crossed the main door you will feel really good, the place smells great just like when everything goes great in your life, the environment makes you feels like you are in an art museum…this B&N is magical for those who enjoys books, art, coffee, magazines and music

View from the center of the store ( Customer service & Starbucks Coffee on the back )

If you keep walking straight to the back, behind the mechanicals stairs you’ll find the kids area a fantastic place, we used to stay here for hours with my kids on Sundays reading books, listening story times and playing with the toys.

There is also a magazines section full of magazines of different topics and types like National Geographic, Time, Life, Enquirer, Decoration magazines, Music, Photography and more, the good thing is that you can grab a couple of magazines and read them while you drink a coffee in Starbucks inside the store, that’s genious !!

At the second floor you have the music store a place flooded with vintage type media like cd’s and dvd’s but also you can search like in the good old days Vinyl discs with all music style and from 50’s, 60, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s a real out of this time experience…

The music area at the second floor

Finally I have to say that this place it’s a “MUST” even you don’t live in the Kendall area, it’s a fantastic place to visit every once in a while, if you don’t want to read at least pass by and get a coffee in great great bohemian bookstore đź‘Ť

Take a look

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